New ThermoPRO granulators from Rapid Granulator are compatible with mo |

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New ThermoPRO granulators from Rapid Granulator are compatible with mo |

Rapid Granulator (Bredaryd, Sweden) will introduce a new range of granulators designed specifically for in-line processing of skeletal waste from sheet and film thermoforming lines at NPE in booth W953. The patent-pending ThermoPRO series, based on an already patented Rapid design, is available in various standard and low-built formats for handling scrap widths from 600 to 1,500 mm (24 to 60 inches). A ThermoPRO 400-90 for granulating webs up to 900 mm in width (35 inches) will be on display at the company’s booth.

ThermoPRO machines combine features already proven on other Rapid granulators—a double-scissor cutting action, “open heart” design for fast production changeovers and ease of maintenance, and mineral composite base for stability and low noise—with other new elements that make thermoforming operations easier to run and more cost-effective, said Rapid.

“When we designed the ThermoPRO, we wanted to get inside the head of the operator to see how we could help make life easier, more controlled and more reliable,” said Rapid CEO Bengt Rimark. “That’s why we have been cooperating with some really big and demanding players in the field during development.”

Rimark adds that handling and recycling trim is critical to thermoforming companies’ profitability. “Skeletal waste can easily account for up to 40% of their total throughput, so it is critical that the trimmed material is returned to the process cost effectively with the highest quality possible,” Rimark said. “When everything works the way it should, the savings that the converter can make are enormous.”

The new granulators have an integrated roller feed designed from the “ground up, as granulation is a key step in the total production process,” noted Rapid. The new granulators also contain easy operator access for clean-out of the machine. 

Heavy-duty roller feed comes standard, enabling problem-free handling of the skeletal waste, and even makes it possible to run several webs into the granulator at the same time. It also facilitates granulation at startup of the thermoforming line.

Modular construction makes it possible to create configurations compatible with all of the different brands of thermoforming equipment currently operating in the market. “Some machines push out the skeletal waste upwards, some downwards, some even sideways,” explained Rimark. “We needed to be able to adapt the overall design to fit any of these scenarios.”

New ThermoPRO granulators from Rapid Granulator are compatible with mo |

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